This is a collection of generic Q&As. It might be updated as the project moves on, based on the questions you’d have raised. So feel free to reach out!

What are the main themes of the call for projects?

The scope of the call for projects covers numerous fields connected with the company’s activity – artificial intelligence, personalization and data, apps, shopping experience, cybersecurity, edtech, etc.

Is it possible to contact the project team for further details before applying?

Yes, you can write to a specific email address:

What role does Cap Digital play in the call for projects?

Cap Digital is assisting CA Consumer Finance all through the call for projects, from the formulation of the value proposition for start-ups to the selection of the winners.

Will the applicants retain intellectual property rights for their solutions?

Applicants will, of course, retain intellectual property rights over their own solutions. As regards solutions co-created by CA CF entities and applicants, a legal term sheet will be proposed after the winners are selected, and this will provide a framework to settle the question of sharing intellectual property rights. This question will be discussed in negotiations between the start-up and CA CF, or intellectual property will be shared by default.

What are the selection criteria?

Applicants will be evaluated on the quality of both the company and the experimental project with CA CF. Applications will be selected according to their clarity and various criteria including but not limited to:

The quality of the company:

  • Quality of the team
  • Maturity level of the solution proposed
  • Soundness of the business model
  • Etc.

The quality of the experimental project envisaged with CA-CF

  • Innovativeness and impact on the satisfaction of the customer/partner
  • Feasibility
  • Potential (including financial)
  • The start-up’s level of involvement with the project
  • Etc.

What is Start & Pulse?

CA Consumer Finance launches the 2nd season of Start & Pulse, its international open innovation program in partnership with Cap Digital, which is part of the Crédit Agricole Group’s global innovation approach.

For this second edition, the contest broadens and will include China and Morocco. A call for projects is launched in most subsidiaries of CA Consumer Finance: the Corporate Center and Sofinco in France, Agos in Italy, Credibom in Portugal, Creditplus in Germany, GAC Sofinco in China and Wafasalaf in Morocco.

The objectives of the CA Consumer Finance group? Innovate faster and be more audacious to better serve its clients and employees, and support start-ups to accelerate their growth and commercial success.