This is a collection of generic Q&As. It might be updated as the project moves on, based on the questions you’d have raised. So feel free to reach out!

What are the main themes of the call for projects?

The Corporate Center would like to identify and experiment training programs to acculturate in an innovative way our employees to cybersecurity stakes and embed the new habits into its employees behavior.

The solution would carry out the following tasks:

  • Raising awareness of risks
  • Knowing the risky actions and use the good tools
  • Bring our employees to modify their behaviors in the long term

Is it possible to apply to the call in partnership?

Yes, it is possible. If you wish to do so and look for partners, please let us know and we will put you through other companies looking for partners too.

Send us an email at stating:

  • Company:
  • Activity and core competencies:
  • Competences seeked:
  • Contact:

And we’ll help you with that.

Is it possible to contact the project team for further details before applying?

Yes, you can write to a specific email address:

What is the Corporate Center?

The Corporate Center is the steering entity of Credit Agricole Consumer Finance group.

Its main missions are the following:

  • Spred and share the vision and the values of Crédit Agricole group to the entities
  • Bring expertise and added value to the entities
  • Optimize the decision-making process
  • Drive the entities
  • Reinforce the sense of belonging to CA Consumer Finance
  • Reinforce the competences and the experience sharing within the Group
  • Develop and realize centralized projects

What role does Cap Digital play in the call for projects?

Cap Digital is assisting the Corporate Center of CA Consumer Finance all through the call for projects, from the formulation of the value proposition for start-ups to the selection of the winners.

Will the applicants retain intellectual property rights for their solutions?

Applicants will, of course, retain intellectual property rights over their own solutions. As regards solutions co-created by CA CF entities and applicants, a legal term sheet will be proposed after the winners are selected, and this will provide a framework to settle the question of sharing intellectual property rights. This question will be discussed in negotiations between the start-up and CA CF, or intellectual property will be shared by default.

What are the selection criteria?

The solution’s relevance and customization to CA-CF’s context, its reliability, its innovativeness, its feasibility and the risk its carries will be key points.

Applicants will be evaluated on the quality of both the company and the experimental project with CA CF. Applications will be selected according to their clarity and various criteria including but not limited to:

The quality of the company:

  • Quality of the team
  • Maturity level of the solution proposed
  • Soundness of the business model
  • Etc.

The quality of the experimentation project envisaged with CA CF:

  • Innovativeness and impact on the satisfaction of the customer/partner
  • Feasibility
  • Potential (including financial)
  • The start-up’s level of involvement with the project

What is Start & Pulse?

CA Consumer Finance launches the 2nd season of Start & Pulse, its international open innovation program in partnership with Cap Digital, which is part of the Crédit Agricole group’s global innovation approach.

A call for projects is launched in each subsidiary of CA Consumer Finance: the Corporate Center and Sofinco in France, Agos in Italy, Credibom in Portugal, Creditplus in Germany, GAC Sofinco in China, Wafasalaf in Morocco, FCA Bank in Portugal and Bankia CA CF in Spain.

The objectives of the CA Consumer Finance group? Innovate faster and be more audacious to better serve its clients and employees, and support start-ups to accelerate their growth and commercial success.

What kind of solutions are expected in this call?

The Corporate Center wishes to identify and experiment training programmes in order to efficiently acculturate, in an innovative way, the employees to cybersecurity stakes and embed the right habits into their behavior. We are not looking for cybersecurity solutions as such, but rather for acculturation solutions.

3 main missions:

  • Raising awareness of risks
  • Knowing risky actions and use the good tools
  • Bring our employees to adopt the right behaviors in the long run

Is it necessary to answer all the use cases?

The list provided in the challenge presentation is indicative. It is not expected that all six use cases are met. However, each candidate can recommend other use cases, the focus being the content, and the goal being to reach the greatest number of employees.

Is it possible to provide several propositions?

Yes, as long as they fit the scope of the challenge. It is encouraged to integrate several approaches into one solution.

What forms can the solution take?

The sponsor wishes that the proposition integrates one (or several) physical event(s), in order to foster employee engagement in the long run. Other than that, the proposition can take diverse forms (such as a serious game, blended learning etc.)

What are the main pitfalls to avoid?

While making your proposition, think about its sustainability (an evolutive device that CA-CF could foster in the long run and regularly update with new content) and attractivity.

Which KPIs should the device include?

The candidate should be able to offer solutions for following-up on the effects of the solution. Major KPIs are the number of employees onboarded and the improvement of their competencies.

Others KPIs can be proposed by each candidate, their relevance being directly related to their expertise on that matter. The proposition of KPIs in your applications will be valued.

What are the selection criteria for the solution in itself?

The solution’s relevance and customization to CA-CF’s context, its reliability, its innovativeness, its feasibility and the risk its carries will be key points.

Has the Group already made experiments on this topic?

Yes: a dedicated Yammer group has been created to circulate information and a cybersecurity database created. A serious game is under preparation. By now, 200 collaborators showed interest on the topic.

Who will produce the content?

CA-CF’s IT Security department will provide the trainings content. However, you may provide additional content to make it richer.

How will the collaboration with CA-CF go during the experimentation phase?

It really is a co-construction between the selected candidate and CA-CF’s teams, in constant interaction. A specific term sheet for this purpose is already in use at CA-CF, in order to facilitate and speed-up the partnership.

Are there concrete business opportunities after the POC?

Yes. If the approach is satisfying and show results, the company will join the list of referenced suppliers with the ambition of scaling up to all the Group’s entities (more than 10k collaborators worldwide).

Should the candidates take into account the industrialization objective in their applications?

Elements such as the translation to several languages or the replication of physical events should not be considered as constraints at this stage. Cybersecurity best practices being rather international (even though there can be strong legal and cultural differences), we think of this solution as replicable internationally.

What is the budget for the POC?

The budget is up to 30k€. However, you may add options to your propositions and go further if that brings additional value.

What is the timeline for the POC?

The experimentation phase will last 5 months, from July to early December.

How many candidates will be selected?

There will only be one winner of the challenge but the Group stays open to the collaboration with as many companies that appear to offer interesting solutions. Yet, the winner of the challenge will benefit from more visibility (both internally and externally) thanks to the communication around Start & Pulse.